M&M Boat Services

Underwater Bridge
Inspection Services

We provide boats for hydrographic surveys, dredging inspections, insurance investigations, marine structure inspections and environmental studies.


  • We supply boats and guides for all types of underwater bridge inspections.
  • Our guides are trained professionals that will get you to the bridge safely and get the job
       done right.
  • We can get between piers and around debris that can accumulate in the water.
  • We have all types of boats, from 10 inches of water to 500 feet.
  • We supply the equipment needed, such as ladders, to get to the top of any bridge.
  • We make appointments convenient with your schedule and your deadlines.
  • We provide competitive rates.


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Hours of operation:

Tue/Wed/Thu - 9:00am - 4:30pm
All other days - By Appointment


16-30' Power Boats
We pay CA$H for used power boats!